Pollution Impacts on health and the environment

Air pollution a deadly menace

The CSIRO says that air pollution is a bigger killer of Australians than road accidents.  Dr Tom Beer says that, on average, 2,400 deaths each year are linked to air quality and health issues, much more than the 1,700 people killed on the roads.  "This number increases if long term effects of air toxics on cancer are included," Dr Beer said.

Report back polluton concern

The Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics released a report in 2005 that motor car related air pollution causes between 900 and 2000 early deaths each year in Australia’s capital cities.  No Aircraft Noise has raised the problem of air polluton from Sydney Airport being added to the existing high traffic pollution load in our suburbs.

The report said that bad health effects occur at much lower levels of air pollution than previously believed.  Environment Australia says that action must be taken to rectify the serious lack of data onparticle emissions from aircraft engines.

Airports are big air polluters 

Airports are major sources of air pollution in cities, with similar emissions in large coal fired power stations.  As well as aircraft landing and taking off, taxiing around the airport and waiting for take off; cars, trucks and buses drivving to and from the airport significantly adds to airport created pollution.

The Noise and Air Quality Management Plan (1994) estimated that Sydney Airport would emit up to 4% of the entire Sydney basic air pollution.  And that, was before Macquarie Airport’s plan for expansion.

Sydney Airport’s inefficient layout leads to a doubling of air pollution for every 50% increase in aircraft numbers.  The main cause is the long taxiing distance from the terminals to the third runway out in Botany Bay.


Noise raises your blood pressure! A study by Sydney academics has found hat people in Kurnell are more likely to have higher chronic noise stress and blood pressure as a result of aircraft noise.  Kurnell was compared to a similar demograpic suburb at South Penrith, which is not affected by aircraft noise.  Kurnell was chosen as it experiences noise above 70 decibels (dBA) more than fifty times a day.

The World Health Organisation’s definition that "health includes physical, psychological and social well being" was used for the Kurnell study.  The authors state that existing noise measurements "underestimate the social impact of aircraft noise because health effects have been ignored when formulating environmental management plans at airports."

Another study found aircraft noise can raise your blood pressure while you’re asleep. Dr Lars Jarup (Imperial College London), says people who live near airports are likely to have a greater risk of health problems. European Heart Journal 2008 29(5):658-664 


Earth warmed by jets

Global warming has already commenced and will result in climatic extremes such as droughts, floods, storms, and cold as well as hot weather becomig more severe and common, not to menton the loss of many plant and animal species.

While the burning of coal and automobile exhaust are major contributions to global warming, the impact of air transportation is increasing rapidly.  Jet aviation has been identified as a major cause of climate change in a recently leaked Pentagon report.  Jet aircraft emissions are unique in that they are rleased directly into the upper atmosphere, where they have a greater impact on blobal warming.

Patrick Nauman, a senior hydrologist with the US National Weather Service, in a recent paper stated that"very damaging is the direct discharge of greenhouse gas emissions and secondary effects such as contrail impacts, which are coming from commercial jet aviation, an industry that disregards the damage to the blobal environment and to human health."

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