Our Problems 

Noise and airport expansion 
Sydney already suffers far too much aircraft noise.  This noise is above 70 decibels from Kurnell to Kuringai, from Rockdale to Coogee.  It is over the limit for homes with noise insulation from Lilyfield to the airport and the owners want to dramatically increase their profit and the noise.
The 2033 Sydney Airport Master Plan (issued in 2014) forecasts that annual passenger numbers will rise from 36.9 million in 2012 to 74.3 million in 2033.  Annual aircraft movements will increase from 321,700 scheduled services in 2012 to 409,500 scheduled services in 2033.  This will mean a massive increase in noise, pollution and risk, especially north and east of the airport.
The No Aircraft Noise submission to the Sydney Airport Master Plan outlines :

1.  Why the present SYDNEY AIRPORT Will NEVER Be A World Class Efficient Airport
2.  Why we believe the passenger number and scheduled services forecasts are understated and the risk this represents to maintaining noise sharing, flight caps and the curfew.

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Huge increases in airport pollution planned
The Sydney Airport Master Plan (2033) predicts a massive increases in air pollution over the next 20 years.  Nitrogen oxides generated by Sydney Airport will go from 2,900 tonnes per year to 4,999 tonnes.  Sulphur dioxide emissions will rise from 225 tonnes per year to 400 tonnes.  Volatile organic compounds will go up from 509 tonnes per year to 770 tonnes.  Carbon emissions will increase from 3,385 tonnes per year to 4,096 tonnes in 2033.

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Crash risk over the limit
The risk of an aircraft crash killing someone is over the NSW limit for other industries everwhere from Rockdale to Leichhardt and Kingsford.  It is ten times the limit at Stanmore, and one hundred times the limit at Sydenham. These risk calculations were done before the massive expansion plans in the latest Sydney Airport Master Plan and before the current increased risk of terrorist attacks was included.

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Airport monopoly allows price gouging
Sydney Airport sits on a monopoly. There is no alternative if you want to fly into or out of Sydney. So they are able to put up prices for services like parking and get away with it.

Having a monopoly also means they do not have to provide a good service, or provide for all Sydney’s air traffic needs. Privatisation does not work with a monopoly which is only partly regulated.

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