About No Aircraft Noise

*  We’re here because we like living in Sydney
*  We want a quiet, safe and unpolluted city
*  We want an efficient, low greenhouse, 24 hour airport
*  To achieve all this we have to move the airport out of our city

Who are we?

The No Aircraft Noise Party was formed as a political party in 1995 to fight the issue of noise from Sydney Airport. The third runway had just been opened and residents to the north and south of the airport were exposed to intolerable noise up to seventeen hours a day. In 1995 ten councillors were elected to five Sydney councils with two still serving as independents.

In 1998, the party’s platform was broadened to include employment, transport, and local government issues. The party used the name of Common Cause - No Aircraft Noise when we needed to reflect the broadened platform.

Since 1999 we have acted as a political lobby group, with a website, a quarterly newsletter, regular public meetings and demonstrations, we address the media on airport issues and at election times we advise voters about the issue.

No Aircraft Noise Party was closed on 30 June, 2021 having achieved stopping the closure of the East-West runway to bring pressure on government to adopt the principal of fairly spreading the noise associated with Sydney Airport.  Noise sharing was implemented by the introduction of the Sydney Airport Long Term Operating Plan (LTOP) by government.  We lobbied to replace Sydney Airport with an airport outside the city to provide aviation capacity for NSW in a manner that minimised the impact on residents but did not achieve this goal.

We stand for:

Building a new airport outside Sydney and closing the present Sydney Airport. This is the only way to meet Sydney’s airport needs without exposing large numbers of people to unacceptable noise and worsening Sydney’s air pollution.

Openness in government so that people’s interests are not sacrificed to powerful corporations.

A higher quality of life in the urban environment.

The final executive committee members (2021):

Chair: Winnie Southcott

Secretary: Pat Thorne

Treasurer: Winnie Southcott

Research: Allan Rees

Committee Member: John Prior

The Executive committee meet regularly.  Any financial member could attend by letting us know on the email address below and we will give you the meeting venue details.

Contact us 

We encourage you to contact us with any queries or comments.  We will endeavour to reply to all email enquires as soon as possible.



Join us

Membership of No Aircraft Noise is now closed.  It was open to anyone prior to closure, who is not a member of another political party.

Donate to us

No Aircraft Noise party received no government funding and was totally funded by memberships and donations.  We appreciated anyone who is interested in being involved in moving Sydney Airport out of the metropolitan area to join us as a member or donate to the campaign.

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