Register your Noise Complaint

Airservices Australia provides an enquiry service to enable the community to express their concerns about specific aircraft noise events or aircraft noise in general.  Noise complaint statistics are kept and published on the Airservices Australia site.

The federal government uses the Airservices Australia’s noise complaints statistics as a broad barometer of the level of disquiet and outrage in the community to aircraft noise. 

To register your  complaint with Airservices Australia:

Phone:            1800 802 584 (freecall) or 1300 302 240 (local call - Sydney)


Internet:   (go to the easy online form)

These are some links for aircraft noise statistics:


is the monthly report on aircraft movements and flight paths at Sydney Airport - note that since last October patterns have been changed from usual because of work on the East West Runway - there are archived reports from previous years.


shows quarterly reports with a lot more detail including noise levels at locations around Sydney Airport.
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