Badgerys will fail, Mascot will be overloaded

Only 11% of Western Sydney people are using the present Sydney Airport according to figures in the 2006 Sydney Airport Ground Transport Plan.

No Aircraft Noise analysis is on the attachment below and shows how eastern and northern Sydney create the greatest air travel demand. 

Western Sydney demand will grow, but without a fast rail connection to the rest of Sydney it will take decades to make a viable airport at Badgerys.

The business supporters of Badgerys are demanding a railway, not the M12 motorway which is also planned for the airport. They know the railway is much faster, takes more people and makes better connections in a big city.

At Mascot, the current Sydney Airport already has frequent delays to peak hour flights.  In 2020, in just five years time, all peak hour slots at Mascot will be taken from 6am to midday and from 4pm to 7pm limiting the times when noise sharing can be used.

But Badgerys Creek airport will not be used for peak hour flights without a railway line. This is because peak hour passengers want a speedy, cost effective connection, otherwise they would take a cheaper flight in off peak times. 

There will be increasing noise in the suburbs affected by Sydney Airport unless flights are diverted to the new airport.

NAN wants a new airport to serve all of Sydney’s air traffic needs at a near city location that does not blast residents with noise.

The new airport must be able to operate 24 hours a day for Australia’s biggest city. For this reason it must be outside the city limits.

Attachment:  Analysis on Sydney passengers by flight origin and destination.

Where will the Western Sydney Airport’s passengers come from? 

Today, only 11 % of passengers start or terminate their trip from Western Sydney (see Figure 1 below).  The Western Sydney Airport EIS states that growth in Western Sydney will be the key driver of passenger demand and hence, no fast, mass transport to the greater Sydney region has been included in the first stage 1 of Western Sydney Airport.

Today, the vast majority of Sydney’s aviation passengers originate or terminate their trips in Sydney CBD and the Northern Suburbs.  Demographic changes of the magnitude relied upon to provide sufficient Western Sydney passenger demand to justify the airport will take decades to be achieved.  Therefore, the Western Sydney Airport as currently planned will not be economically viable in 2030.



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